The International School of Samui

In School

"Learning safely, together"

The safety of our students remains our highest priority and, as such, we have comprehensive procedures in place to ensure we adhere to all Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines. We respectfully request that you read the following carefully as it contains very important information.

In School

1. Starting, finishing times

  • Early Years and Primary school will start at 08.30 and they will finish at 14.30.

  • Senior School will start at 09.20 and they will finish at 15.30 (15.00 on a Friday).

Senior school students with primary school siblings will be allowed to come to school at 8.30 and will wait in a designated area until senior school begins at 9.20. Likewise, primary school siblings who finish at 14.30 can wait for an older sibling in the Early Years/ Reception area.

  • Optional Early Pick-up - We will be facilitating an optional pick up between 11:50 and 12.10 for children in Early Years, Reception and Years 1 and 2. This is designed to support those families who feel they would like to manage the amount of time their children are on the school campus. Parents should notify the school secretary ( in advance of any planned early pickup.

"Early Years and Primary school will start at 08.30 and they will finish at 14.30."

"Senior School will start at 09.20 and they will finish at 15.30 (15.00 on a Friday)."

2. Break and Lunch times

  • Break and lunch times will be staggered and each year group will be allocated designated areas for students to relax and maintain social distancing. The length of lunch time is shorter to reduce social contact time.

  • A separate temporary ‘dining area’ will be set up on the basketball court to provide additional outside space for students during break and lunch times to support social distancing requirements (clearly marked).

  • Duties - More staff will be scheduled to be on duty during break and lunch times to ensure that students are following the guidelines to reduce social contact.

  • Eating Arrangements

    • 3 eating zones (separate) have been established:

  1. Classrooms Area (Early Years and Reception)

  2. Canteen area (Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and Year 7,8)

  3. Additional eating area (temporary) on basketball court (Years 5, 6, 9, 10)

  • Only 2 students can sit at each dining table (social distancing markings.

  • Students will be required to wash their hands using soap and water before and after eating.

  • Students will be discouraged from moving around the dining areas.

  • Students should bring their own water bottle into the dining area rather than use the usual plastic cups provided.

  • Cutlery will be provided and will be individually wrapped in a napkin.

A summary of the above is provided below:

3. Cafe

  1. Early Years to Year 6 – Students should bring their own individual snacks for break time.

  2. Years 7 to 12 - Café will be open to support senior school / staff (at designated breaks). A limited menu will be provided (most popular items). A pre-ordering system is in place and the collection / payment of orders will be supported by social distancing requirements.

  3. The Café will only open at break time for senior school and will not be open at the end of the school day

4. Extra-Curricular Activities

All ECA’s are cancelled for the remainder of this term.