The International School of Samui


Starts on Monday 29th June 2020

"We are teaching in Blended Classrooms"

3-Week Summer School Dates

Week 1 - Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

Week 2 - Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July

Week 3 - Monday 17th August - Friday 21st August

Summer School Registration Form

Please click here if your Form opens in Thai and you want it in English (Our form is in English but Google Forms uses geolocation which reverts some users to Thai)

We are teaching in Blended Classrooms

'Attend' Lessons at School

Come to school and 'attend' all classroom lessons in person.

or 'Blend' Lessons at Home

Stay at home and 'blend' all classroom lessons digitally.

"The Summer School timetable is the same as the current Term 3 timetable"