Other Rooms

"Learning safely, together"

The safety of our students remains our highest priority and, as such, we have comprehensive procedures in place to ensure we adhere to all Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines. We respectfully request that you read the following carefully as it contains very important information.

PE, Team Sports & Swimming - Changing Facilities

  • To ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to within the sports changing facilities, there will be a staggered changing rota at the start and end of each sports lesson. Each class will be split into appropriate groups and asked to change at separate times.


  • The books in the libraries are considered a shared resource and students will not be able to browse in the usual way that they would to find a book. In order to continue to give access to literature, we will have an internal mobile library service within school; for those up to Year 6 this will be delivered to classrooms allowing limited browsing.

  • Each set of books will then be sanitized / quarantined and not offered to a different class until that quarantine is over.

  • The primary reading scheme books (Oxford Reading Tree) will only be changed twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. On these days, each child will receive 2 books to take home. When these books are returned to the library, they will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to circulation.

  • Given the increased range of tastes and abilities in the older years, pupils in Year 7 and above will be asked to email the librarian with their request for a specific book and / or a suggestion or genre which will then be delivered to their classroom.

  • This practice will be reviewed and modified to ensure it is meeting our needs.

Events and large gatherings

  • All events involving large groups will be cancelled until a later phase of re-opening.

  • Assemblies will continue to take place virtually.