The International School of Samui

Blended Classrooms

"Blending our Traditional Classrooms"

Flexibility & Peace of Mind for Parents

As travel restrictions are lifted, schools are re-opened and 'normal life' returns, parents are being left with very difficult choices to make. Do they send their children back to school or do they keep them at home, and for how long? There are still so many unanswered questions about COVID-19 and with that brings uncertainty for every parent.

We want to provide all our parents with a robust and long term schooling solution that offers them both flexibility and peace of mind, without causing any disruption to the continued education of their children. Parents will be able to choose, until further notice, if their children come to school to learn, or stay at home to learn, without any disruption to their learning journey. We will do this by blending our traditional classrooms with digital solutions.

Blending our Traditional Classrooms

The school will teach in Blended Classrooms until further notice. This means that all our lessons will continue to be traditionally taught in the Classroom whilst being streamed live in a fully interactive, immersive and secure way to students who prefer to stay at home to learn.

We have invested heavily in redesigning our classrooms to ensure students who wish to stay at home will feel like they are in the classroom. We have set up multiple webcam angles and multiple audio inputs and outputs to ensure the audio-visual experience for students at home is as close to the classroom experience as possible.

All our lesson assignments, resources and assessments will continue to be published digitally, on a daily, lesson by lesson basis.

Our Blended Learning Control Centre will continue to monitor every lesson taught at ISS to support students, parents and teachers with all aspects of the Blended Classroom environment.

The Benefits

  • Peace of Mind - Parents will have the choice, every day, to decide what is best for their child. To come to school to learn or stay at home to learn without impacting in anyway on their child's education.

  • Routine - Whether 'blending' lessons at home or 'attending' lessons at school, ISS students will always have a full school day and routine to follow.

  • Friendships - ISS Students will always be able to keep connected to friends and classmates, no matter where they are or what the circumstances.

  • Safety and Support- All Blended Classroom lessons will continue to be stringently monitored and supported in real time by our Blended Learning Control Centre. Please click here for more details about the BLCC and its key role in supporting our teachers, parents and students with their 'blended' learning at home.

Attend or Blend?

'Attend' Lessons at School

Come to school and 'attend' all classroom lessons in person.

or 'Blend' Lessons at Home

Stay at home and 'blend' all classroom lessons digitally.

"To attend school, or to blend school, that is the question."