The International School of Samui is


"We are teaching in Blended Classrooms"

We are 'Blending' our Traditional Classrooms

The school will teach in Blended Classrooms until further notice. This means that all our lessons will continue to be traditionally taught in the Classroom whilst being streamed live in a fully interactive, immersive and secure way to students who prefer to stay at home to learn.

We have invested heavily in redesigning our classrooms to ensure students who wish to stay at home will feel like they are in the classroom. We have set up multiple webcam angles and multiple audio inputs and outputs to ensure the audio-visual experience for students at home is as close to the classroom experience as possible.

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'Attend' Lessons at School

Come to school and 'attend' all classroom lessons in person.

or 'Blend' Lessons at Home

Stay at home and 'blend' all classroom lessons digitally.